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Translation from French and Italian into English

Take a common, even cliché expression, say, "I heard it through the grapevine," one that is further complicated thanks to its roots in pop music culture. Imagine now a writer wants to use this turn of phrase yet lend it new life by giving the turn a further twist: "I heard it through the great wine" (about something heard after imbibing a good Burgundy, for instance). What would a machine translation make of it?

Exactly, a complete mess.

Loquence provides accurate, elegant translation into English. It’s a multistep process:

  • Know through long experience the language and the broader culture of the original, recognizing the classical or pop reference, understanding an image, grasping the letter and the spirit of the text
  • Carry over into English the sense of the original–like metaphor, the word translation is rooted in the idea of transferring, bearing across, taking from one place to another
  • Revise, rewrite, until the original has its natural-looking twin in English (a "target" language should not be an excuse for poor aim)
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English Editing and Drafting

We also work closely with English-language writers to help refine their text. Carefully rereading, methodically checking facts, turning a critical eye to logical argument and internal coherence, attending to grammar’s most niggling niceties – these are some of the ways that we help writers tweak a piece to achieve its best possible expression. Contact Loquence for professional editorial assistance.



La Villa du Parc in Annemasse is one of those regional contemporary art centers that grace France like the local beauties of the country’s tables and topography. The first discovery holds the pleasant little surprise of the delightfully new; and each return, the delightful news that the surprise will never fade entirely. The center has recently overhauled its website. For the English version, I am pleased to have helped out a client of many years. And the lagniappe for this translator – I was allowed to adapt the texts and work directly in the site. O English-language reader, I know you too are annoyed by those trifling typos that break the smooth rhythm of your reading!

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