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Pixel or pica, computer screen or printed page, the written word is increasingly a medium with a worldwide impact while English continues to be one of the most widely used idioms.

LOQUENCE PROVIDES TRANSLATION AND EDITORIAL SERVICES to ensure that your ideas and your words have their maximum impact in such an international context. Whether translating from the French or the Italian, editing a piece in English, or drafting copy for a new undertaking, Loquence brings to the technological advances of the 21st century the exacting standards of the wordsmith‘s craft, the firm grasp of grammar, the attention to detail, the fine ear for the balanced phrase.

Loquence, in other words.



What a treat translating Nicolas Nova’s introduction to Maxime Guyon’s book of photographs Aircraft: The New Anatomy! In clear prose that ranges widely, Nova touches on Darwin and his extraordinary discovery, the theory of evolution, and the history of engineering to talk about the "natural" evolution that has occurred in the design of aircraft and the individual parts that keep these machines airborne.

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