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Are you looking to translate your web page, polish your image in English, generate advertising copy, or have your French or Italian publication read like a flawless English original?

John O’Toole is the flesh-and-blood translator, editor and writer busy behind the Loquence name. John has spent most of his life in the language trade (including sixteen years in French-speaking countries), translating, editing, rewriting, and proofing. He taught English as a foreign language in French-speaking Geneva, an experience that sharpened his interest in the difficulties, and many delights, in passing from the one tongue to the other. He entered the book profession also in Geneva at Skira Editions, a publisher of quality art books. There he was responsible for all aspects of the imprint’s publications in English.

In Paris, John managed the launching of the bilingual English-French edition of art press, France’s most prestigious monthly review devoted to the contemporary arts. During the two years that he served as the English-language editor-in-chief, he oversaw every detail of the English copy that appeared in the publication, translating nearly half of each month’s contents himself, rereading and correcting the work of other translators or English-language contributors, editing, and proofing.

In Geneva he also began working as a freelance translator. Over the years John has had the occasion to deal with all manner of subjects, from primitive art to zippers, by way of Havana cigars and handmade silverware, building contracts and dam construction proposals.

English from French and Italian, or the very best English editing and rewriting for your publication, it’s his profession, passion and pride.

John O'Toole


Published by Héros-Limite and illustrated with several vintage naïve prints, this fine short book in two languages (and two colors – the English text is printed in red!) features two texts by the French-speaking Swiss writer Nicolas Bouvier, who died just over twenty years ago. Bouvier liked to conjure up, especially in these pages, the lives of certain historical figures and contemporary characters and their very particular beliefs and behaviors. A colorful project in more than one sense!

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